The Parts Counter

Electronic device that will count parts or cycles

This device will count the repetition of an industrial process. Mostly intended for parts production tracking, it can handle two sensors, one for parts made and an optional one for rejects. A production goal can be set, and the green bar maps the progress.

This product is ideal for small parts production that are not easy to count by hand. It can be adapted to cutting machines, stamping, drilling and son on...

Our customers report increased accountability from their employees once this device is installed on a machine.

The Machine Cycle Timer

Machine Cycle Timer

This device will measure the time necessary for a machine to complete a manufacturing cycle. It is intended to alert the operator when the completion time is too slow, avoiding the loss of time. A five time average and a hundred time average are kept and updated with each cycle.

Practical example:  An injection molding machine is supposed to produce one part per 10 seconds. If the time of production increases to 11.5 Sec, no one in the shop would know till the part count. This would result in a 15% loss of production. This Takt Time Lean"device will warn the operator  early on.

The Uptime/Downtime Calculator

Industrial Downtime Tracking Device

  This Uptime Tracking Device will monitor your manufacturing downtime. By analyzing production uptime the user can minimize the equipment operational downtime. A machine uptime - downtime report is provided in real time on a TFT screen as a machine downtime log resulting in a reduction of the production downtime. The machine uptime can also be monitored providing the user with valuable usage data in real time. This can avoid overheating and high stress of a number of industrial equipment in need of a duty cycle calculator.


All the above devices can be equipped with Radio communication.  The data from multiple machines is reported in one place and logged in a CSV file every shift. This can allow for remote viewing on on the internet. Pricing: 

• 1 to 5 machines, $799 per machine, plus the receiver and PC.

• 6 - 10 machines $699 per machine. Includes receiver and PC.

• 11 + machines $599 per machine. Includes receiver and PC.

This solution does not include the upload to the internet.   

Machine Vision 3D Parts Quality Control: "The Sentinel"

Our company has developed a new low cost, fast speed quality control system. In this example the device is rejecting partially completed flower pots while keeping the good ones. 

  • One inspection per second while the parts are in motion.
  • The system is inspecting a 3 dimensional part in real time.
  • User friendly. An intuitive PC based interface allows operators to adjust the rejection threshold and other settings.
  • Starting at $4999 the system is affordable to small manufacturing.  Learn More

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