The Machine Cycle Timer™


This  device will measure the time necessary for a machine to complete a  manufacturing cycle. It is intended to alert the operator when the  completion time is too slow, avoiding the loss of time and energy. A five time  average and a hundred time average are kept and updated with each cycle. See video to find out more. Download the Quick Start guide below to find all specs and installation instructions. Also known as the "Takt Time Lean" device.  Ad to Cart


The Machine Cycle Timer™


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The Takt Time Lean Device comes with instructions, 15 foot (5M) cable and and a 12V AC adapter. 1  year warranty. Contact us to customize it to your needs if necessary. UPC 7426854516864


Takt Time Lean Quick Setup


1. Make electrical connections as shown in the illustration above. Once the machine has power, the “Awaiting Signal” will show on the screen. 

2. Observe the bottom right corner of the screen. If “Locked” please unlock it with the key.

3. Adjust the desired set point for your machine cycle.  Turn the Knob and observe the “Target” values. Pressing the Knob upwards will toggle between “FINE” and “COARSE” modes. In “FINE” mode your Target values will move slowly as you turn the Knob. In “COARSE” mode the values will move fast.
As the Knob is unlocked, you can also press and hold it in for 5 Seconds. This will reset the device, clearing the averages but retaining the last Target set. 

4. Once the Target is set, lock the Knob using the key. Once locked, the Target values are no longer adjustable and the device cannot be reset. The Machine Cycle Timer will function even if the knob is left unlocked, however it is prone to unwanted operator interference.


5. Power up your machine and observe readings:

Screen color significance:

Green: Your machine “5X AVG” is smaller than the set Target. The machine is running faster then expected. The “5X AVG” is better than 101% of the Target time. 

Yellow: Your machine is still running faster than set Target but is coming within 1% of the Target.

Red: Your machine “5X AVG” running slower than set Target. .“Deviation” becomes a negative number.

Practical example for machine running with a Target set at 100 seconds:

When the “5X AVG” is 101.3 seconds the screen is red, the cycle is too slow.
When the “5X AVG” is 99.4 seconds the screen is turning yellow, the machine is close to under performing.

When the “5X AVG” is 98.3 seconds the screen becomes green, the machine is faster then the target.


Input Voltage: 12VDC from included AC Adapter.

Length, width, height: 2"x3.9"x4.9"(52mmx100mmx125mm)

Screen Size: 3.5 inch diagonal. (90MM)

Weight: 9 Oz or 260 Grams.

Minimum Cycle Time: 1 Second.

Maximum Cycle Time: 10,000 Seconds (2.78 Hrs).

(Wider Cycle Limits are available on request)

If you need help, inquire at (714) 485 9631. Tack Time Lean

Monitor Machine Cycle with an amperage switch

How to use an Current Switch to monitor your machine

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This  Amperage Sensor, or Current Switch will work with any of our products.   It is ideal as a non-invasive solution for your machine monitoring.  As  the the production goes on, the current varies with each cycle. This  switch will close the circuit and let our devices know when a cycle is  complete.  It works for Amperage from 0.5 to 50A  Alternating Current but we also have a 200A version , open core.   Order a 200A Amperage switch.  or Order a 50A Amperage switch Adjustable.


This  solution is ideal for machinery that has a cyclical movement, such as a  press, or punch. The Infrared sensor has an emmiter of light and a  receiver of the light that bounces back from a surface.  As your press  moves back and fourth, or up and down, the sensor will trigger the  device and register the cycle time, or the number of parts made. This  sensor works at 12V, do NOT wire it directly to the inputs. Please  observe the resistors for the voltage drop down. We are glad to pre-wire  it and test it with the device you are purchasing.  

Order the IR Sensor $39

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