Our company has  been established in 2015 providing custom automation solutions to the  manufacturing industry.  The president and research engineer is Mitch Anderson EE. He  started  his career at Xerox as a development engineer in 1995.  Now his company  is working with small manufacturing operations in order to increase  productivity, limit downtime and automate various industrial processes. 

The second team member is Michael Yeh.   Michael is an experienced control system engineer with 10 years of hardware/software design and integration experience. Created several award winning robotic systems in academia and defense industry. Projects showcased at the Pentagon, Navy yard at Washington D.C., magazines, conference and journal papers. 

Police robot available for rent


Our company owns and operates two privately owned police robots: "Andros" from Remotec and the "Packbot 510" from Endeavor Robotics. We have refurbished these two machines and we are capable to service any military grade/ law enforcement bomb disposal equipment. Our two robots are available for hire for the film industry and dangerous jobs. Our clients include Warner Bros. ("The Flash") and CBS featuring the show "S.W. A.T."

See more at RobotsForRent.US

See article at "Robot Magazine"


Our company is also specializing in the repair of the CRS CATALYST and the MITSUBISHI RM501. We have developed brand new electronics capable to control these two arms based on the ARM® Cortex®-M4 processor.
We can provide a custom solution to any industry in need of pick and place applications. Further integration with machine vision and various sensors is also available on request.  See the video that show 


Our company has build a Graphical User Interface for a CRS Robotic arm. It works remotely from the equipment by a bluetooth interface. Note the real time robotic arm depiction.  The keypad is used to point the arm to random step numbers in the sequence.

We are capable to design and implement "End User" interfaces for any type of machinery. Contact us for your specific project.

Machine Vision Integration

What if a robot was capable of generating its own commands?
In this example we implemented Machine Vision for detecting and retrieving red objects. As soon as a target is in the pickup area, XYZ commands are sent to the arm for pickup.
This solution was implemented for a customer in need of separating parts based on their color. The dark ones were "overbaked" and the arm was able to pick them up with a 98% accuracy. The final solution remains confidential per customer request.

We design custom robotic grippers

Material handling is essential to the robotic solutions. Our company is able to design devices that will pick up parts by gripping, electromagnetic field and vacuum suction.  Play the video for a quick demonstration.

CRS Catalyst with Custom Controller

Our company has successfully rebuilt a controller system for the popular Catalyst series from CRS. Now this arm is being made available for the light manufacturing industry.  The new controller features a Teensy 3.5 processor and ION Motion control DC motor controllers.

We can provide custom programming and maintenance for this model.

Video Detection of Parts left in the Mold

The Problem:

In the plastics molding industry, often times the parts are not dropping out of the mold in a timely manner. Substantial damage can result when the mold closes and parts are still inside.

Solution: A vision based inspection system that will stop the machine when if all the cavities are not clear.

In this example, we are inspecting all four cup making shapes and ring the alarm if one or more cups are still on the mold. 

Price: $3000 to $4000 based on the complexity. Call us for a free evaluation and quote. 714 234 8170

Custom Made Flower Pot Sorting Machine

This custom solution will take randomly deployed flower pots and will separate and orient them all "bottom first" for stacking purposes.

The machine uses compressed air, sensors and belts. It is run by a CLICK PLC from Automation Direct programmed in Ladder Logic.

From our customers

Mr. Steve Greenthal reviews The Machine Cycle Timer™.

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