This  device will count the repetition of an industrial process. Mostly  intended for parts production tracking, it can handle two sensors, one  for parts made and an optional one for rejects. A production tracking goal can be  set, and the green bar maps the progress. Maximum speed: 10 pulses per second, each channel.  Max count: 10,000 parts per channel. See the video for more information on this Production Pace Monitor. 


The Parts Counter™ (production pace monitor)


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The device comes with instructions, 15 foot (5M) cable and and a 12V AC adapter. 1  year warranty. Contact us to customize it to your production tracking needs. UPC 7426854516857


Quick Start Guide


1. Make electrical connections as shown in the illustration above and power up the device.
For “sensors” you can use limit switches, relays, infrared detectors, capacitive or magnetic proximity sensors or any other device that will provide a clean (no voltage) on – off switch.

2. Observe the bottom right corner of the screen. If “Locked” please unlock it with the key.

3. Adjust the desired production target for your situation. At this time you can also reset the device by pushing and holding the Knob for 5 seconds. This will clear all values except the “Target”.

4. Once the Target is set, lock the Knob using the key.  When you lock it, the new target will be recorded in the permanent memory.  (It will reload in case of power failure).

Once locked, the Target values are no longer adjustable and the device cannot be reset. The Parts Counter™ will function even if the knob is left unlocked, however we recommend locking it to avoid unwanted adjustments or resets.


Power up your machine and observe the production tracking readings:

With each On-Off cycle of the “Good” parts sensor, the number will increase and the progress bar will fill in proportion to the set Target.

The same will happen with the optional “Rjct” field, counting the rejected parts. The rejection percentage is calculated as a percentage of the bad parts compared to the Total parts made.

The “Total” field will add a unit with any “Good” or “Rjct” field update.

At the end of the of your production cycle, or shift, we recommend un-locking and resetting the device. This will clear the “Good”, “Rjct” and “Total” fields priming it for the next batch.


Input Voltage; 12VDC 50-100mA

Length, width, height: 2"x3.9"x4.9"(52mmx100mmx125mm)

Screen Size: 3.5 inch diagonal. (90MM)

Weight: 9 Oz or 260 Grams.

Maximum Part Count Speed: 10 part per second.

Maximum Part Count “Good” “Rjct” or “Totl”: 10,000 

(Wider/Faster Limits are available on request)

Warranty: 1 Year.

Please inquire at (714) 485 9631 if you need help.

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