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Case study video:

"The Sentinel" is rejecting "Short Shots" in a plastics factory.

In this example we are demonstrating the detection of "Short Shots" or "Partials" in the plastics industry. The same methods can be applied to many other QC needs, such as shape detection, dimensions controls, color or surface roughness.

The Work Flow:

The machine is taking two pictures of your part when the part is triggering a laser beam across the conveyor.  Because the two camera axes are at 90 degrees, there are no blind spots in the edge of the inspected parts. 

Next the pictures are analyzed by our propitiatory application and a verdict is given: good or bad. If at least one of the perspective is considered "Bad" the PC is sending a signal to an external Relay Unit that closes a circuit. In this case the relay actuates an air valve that releases a 100mS air jet to reject the part.  Other rejection/alarm methods are easily implementable.

If you are interested in such a unit:

You send us your parts samples, good and bad and we will develop an algorithm that will do the selection based on your criteria.

Once you are satisfied with the demos (sent as videos) we will finalize the unit and sent it to you by mail or come at your factory and install it in person. Prices start at $4999. We will provide you with a no obligation proposal ahead of time for your approval. Prices vary based on the complexity of the project, speed, resolution and accuracy. 

What do you get:

  1. Small Conveyor Belt customized to your application. 
  2. Two industrial cameras mounted to the belt. 
  3. Strobe lights customized to your application with triggering system.
  4. A four relay micro controller for outputs.
  5. High performance laptop PC dedicated to this application.
  6. Our propitiatory software customized to your application.
  7. 1 Year Warranty on everything, training and phone support. A small user guide for the operator.

Getting more out of the System:

  • We can customize your unit to gather data for each unit inspected and generate a CSV file in the PC. This way the management can generate daily graphs of machine performance.
  • We can generate various outputs that can tie back directly to your equipment. For example, if bad parts are made due to low temperature, we can generate an output that will tie in your PLC and raise the temperature as soon as rejects show up on the assembly line.
  • Generating Alarms: From the Relay unit we can make and Andon light up, a bell ring or the PC send a text or an email to the interested party.

Tell us about your needs

Video Inspection - Parts left in the Mold

The Problem:
In the plastics molding industry, often times the parts are not dropping out of the mold in a timely manner. Substantial damage can result when the mold closes and parts are still inside.
Solution: A vision based inspection system that will stop the machine when if all the cavities are not clear.
In this example, we are inspecting all four cup making shapes and ring the alarm if one or more cups are still on the mold.
Price: $3000 to $4000 based on the complexity. Call us for a free evaluation and quote. 714 234 8170

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